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WannaCry attacking group “Shadow Brokers” are back with a new Zero-Day Exploits Subscription Service

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The mysterious group “Shadow brokers”- the one who caused WannaCry menace few weeks ago – are back with a replacement plan of beginning a monthly dump service.

The hacking collective group is claiming that they had antecedently purloined way more complicated NSA hacking tools and exploits and now they will unleash more zero-day bugs and exploits for various desktop and mobile platforms as a monthly subscription service, starting from June 2017.

“Zero-day vulnerability is an undisclosed computer-software vulnerability that hackers can exploit to adversely affect computer programs, data, additional computers or a network”.

The hacking cluster have also named this subscription service as “Wine of the Club” which will be offered on monthly basis – charging around $21,000 Per Month.  They have also set some criteria for membership – where the subscription service will only available for intended for hackers, security firms, government organizations, and OEMs.

In their latest statement (published just 2 days ago), they instructed about how to become a member of the ‘Wine of month club’:

Person buying the membership of the “wine of month club” with Zcash would be able to get exclusive access to the upcoming leaks, which the Shadow Brokers claims would include:

  • Exploits for web browsers, routers, and smartphones.
  • Exploits for operating systems, including Windows 10.
  • Compromised data from banks and Swift providers.
  • Stolen network information from Russian, Chinese, Iranian, and North Korean nuclear missile programs.

And those who are interested in buying the membership of the “wine of month club” would require to:

  • Send 100 ZEC (Zcash), which is around $21,519 USD, to this Z-Address: (zcaWeZ9j4DdBfZXQgHpBkyauHBtYKF7LnZvaYc4p86G7jGnVUq14KSxsnGmUp7Kh1Pgivcew1qZ64iEeG6vobt8wV2siJiq) between 06/01/2017 and 06/30/2017
  • Include a ‘delivery email address’ in the ‘encrypted memo field’ when sending Zcash payment.
  • Once done, the Shadow Brokers will send a payment confirmation email to the member who have shown interest and registered for the ‘Wine of month club’ membership.
  • Then between 07/01/2017 and 07/17/2017, the group will send another email to all confirmed members, containing a link and their unique password for the June 2017 data dump.

Zcash (ZEC) is another Crypto currency like bitcoin but with a few different features. Like Bitcoin it is based on a decentralized blockchain but allows for anonymity behind transaction amounts and parties involved. In Bitcoin if you know someone’s address you can follow their transactions and you can see which all the addresses and their transaction amounts – so it’s quite clear how much money is moving around, with ZCash all the information is encrypted”.

The claims made by the group stay unverified, but since the hacking group had previously released NSA’s backdoors EternalBlue and DoublePulsar few weeks ago which caused WannaCry destruction worldwide, this time the group statement ought to be taken seriously.

If the statement made by the Shadow Brokers comes out to be true, the world should be well prepared for another WannaCry-like destruction.



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