WannaCry attacking group “Shadow Brokers” are back with a new Zero-Day Exploits Subscription Service

WannaCry attacking group “Shadow Brokers” are back with a new Zero-Day Exploits Subscription Service

The mysterious group “Shadow brokers”- the one who caused WannaCry menace few weeks ago – are back with a replacement plan of beginning a monthly dump service. The hacking collective group is claiming that they had antecedently purloined way more complicated NSA hacking tools and exploits and now they will unleash more zero-day bugs and exploits […]

How to prevent from ransomware attacks

How to prevent from Ransomware attacks

“Ransomware is a type of malware that prevents users from accessing their systems”. When processing the Ransomware in anyone’s system, hackers ask users to pay ransom through the online payments so that they grant access to their systems. It is one of the very critical malware which is growing insanely over the last few years, […]

Need of Cybersecurity Implementation For The Fintech Companies

Need of Cybersecurity Implementation For Fintech Companies

Fintech companies are at the forefront of digital transformation in the finance industry, changing the way of managing risks and performing transactions. While the digital transformation is taking place across all segments of the industry, maintaining cyber security must be our highest priority to safeguard our resources and secure our transaction processes. The integration between […]

Cyber-Security Predictions for 2017

The rate of cyber attacks is never stopping! 2016 proved to be another year of devastating cyber-security breaches and other cybersecurity incidents spanning across multiple industries including SMEs and large-size enterprises from all over the world. There have been many sobering moments throughout the year, confirmatory yet again, that nobody is resistant to sophisticated cyber-attacks. […]

bitcoins for fake ddos threats

Bitcoins For Fake DDoS Threats

Internet security has become an important issue. Recent cyber-attacks on various important websites have placed so many consumers at risk and vulnerable to cyber criminals. This year, an anonymous cyber-criminal group has extorted a massive amount of money by sending an empty DDoS attack threat to several sites and online services. The group claimed to […]