Cyber-Security Predictions for 2017

The rate of cyber attacks is never stopping! 2016 proved to be another year of devastating cyber-security breaches and other cybersecurity incidents spanning across multiple industries including SMEs and large-size enterprises from all over the world. There have been many sobering moments throughout the year, confirmatory yet again, that nobody is resistant to sophisticated cyber-attacks. […]

The Rising Threat of Mobile Botnets

The Rising Threat of Mobile Botnets

“Mobile technology” has improved our daily lives on many levels and it has profoundly raised the quality of life for many. But the threats coming from mobile technology are also very real and concerning for information technology and services. Basically, botnets are large illegal networks of infected machines — usually desktop or laptop computers, which […]

Highlights of cyber attacks on banking sector

Cyber-Attacks On Banks and other Financial Institutions

Over the recent years, number, frequency, and impact of cyber-attacks have increased manifold against the financial sector. Hackers are actively performing cyber-attacks and exploiting the modern technology for social protest and to promote their political ideology. Cybersecurity framework for banks is expected to be well prepared to face emerging cyber threats and high-volume targeted DDoS […]

bitcoins for fake ddos threats

Bitcoins For Fake DDoS Threats

Internet security has become an important issue. Recent cyber-attacks on various important websites have placed so many consumers at risk and vulnerable to cyber criminals. This year, an anonymous cyber-criminal group has extorted a massive amount of money by sending an empty DDoS attack threat to several sites and online services. The group claimed to […]

Cyber attacks on the energy sector

Cyber Attacks on The Energy Sector

Cyber-attacks are computer-to-computer attacks undermining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of computers and the information they hold. In the recent years, threats of cyber-attack have been increased and it is being denser with the increasing rate of Internet users. A cyber-attack is a common occurrence in the increasing state of Internet with thousands of attacks […]