Ransomware & DDoS Bot: A New Practice From Attackers
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Recently, WannaCry attackers withdrawn more than £108,000 funds in Bitcoins paid by victims of the WannaCry ransomware attack, that crippled businesses and individuals in more than 150 countries. And the carried-out campaign was so successful that the cyberattackers from all around the world are motivated enough to develop new malwares …

Backdoors in network security products

The diffusion of technology in our society has an important consequence. We’ve adopted the technology elements so rapidly in our daily lives – without even understanding the implications of how our own daily life routine can be used against us. In the today’s business environment, enterprises are also turning into …

WannaCry attacking group “Shadow Brokers” are back with a new Zero-Day Exploits Subscription Service

The mysterious group “Shadow brokers”- the one who caused WannaCry menace few weeks ago – are back with a replacement plan of beginning a monthly dump service. The hacking collective group is claiming that they had antecedently purloined way more complicated NSA hacking tools and exploits and now they will unleash …

Wannacry Ransomware

On Friday, a widely-spread ransomware named WannaCry ripped down more than 200,000 systems from all around the world–affecting more than 104 countries, including India. An anonymous cyber-criminal group “Shadow Brokers” have claimed that they had extorted a massive amount of ransom by only locking down the systems. By encrypting user’s …